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Chad McLean founded Mental Joe after personally being impacted by childhood and military traumas that resulted in self doubt, depression, anxiety, and a host of other "diagnoses." After a suicide attempt in 2020, he found his way to Ketamine treatments and his life has forever changed for the better. Chad had a vision during a ketamine treatment where he would launch an apparel company to raise awareness and erase the stigma of mental health and the healing abilities of psychedelics. The mission of Mental Joe is to spark conversations, inspire hope, and provide funds to those in need.

Mental Joe aims to start conversations and provide funds and resources to those who suffer from mental health issues and those who support them. Mental Joe is a give-back nonprofit company that educates and financially assists those in need by partnering with non-traditional treatment options.  When you wear Mental Joe Apparel, we come together as a community to raise funds for mental wellness, so we can help those who need it most to Conquer the Battle Within.

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