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BAM! Mental Joe is Making WAVES in the Battle on Mental Health

We are a veteran-owned non-profit apparel company made by the people, for the people to promote Mental Health Awareness.

And…you know what we hate? And we mean really hate...the fact that society pressures you to pretend that you are ALWAYS okay. You are encouraged to mask your feelings or feel shame for making someone ‘’uncomfortable’’ (especially as a male). Mental Joe is pulling the emergency brake to end this cycle. Here at Mental Joe, we believe that mental wellness is the catalyst to a successful recovered life.

Our blog will serve as an integral part of our mission to conquer the battle within. Every two weeks, we will dive deep into the state of mental health in our country. The topics will include educational resources, neuroscience, alternative treatments, apparel with a purpose, and life-changing practices.

We promise…

We won't be your average boring blog.

✓ We will be real & will always shoot you straight

✓ We will shine a light on the hard truths, but will always share the solutions

✓ We happen to speak fluent sarcasm, so we plan to be one of your favorite entertainers

✓ We will shower you with tricks and treatments to help pull you or those around you up from the trenches (you're never alone...we will always be in this together)

✓ And most of all, we want to be your resource when you are needing it the most

American Mental Health:

The U.S. is heading in a staggering direction concerning mental wellbeing (We know…it turns our stomachs too. That’s why we WILL NOT STOP doing what it takes to turn these mental statistics around). As of 2019, one in four American adults has experienced a mental illness. What’s even more concerning is that over half of them do not receive treatment or mental health services.

They are banging their head against the proverbial wall of the culture that expects us to feel ‘’insta-worthy culture.’’ (Yeah, We went there!) They feel obliged to pretend to be happy in the social media world, and tend to hide their struggles from even the most important people in their lives.

We have all either been there or know someone who has. Mental Joe is here to stop the cycle. (See our favorite "Cycle Breaker" T-shirt here!) Through our apparel, we give back directly to those struggling with their mental health. That’s why we call it “Apparel with a Purpose.”

Mental Health Resources:

We know that taking the first step is the most difficult part of the journey. We know those feelings of fear and uncertainty can be overwhelming and can cause the dreaded anxiety, but we are here to support you. Mental Joe is a lighthouse for those ready to reclaim their lives like we did.

Mental Joe shines its light in many different ways! We are a roadmap for recovery and mental wellness for organizations such as: MAPS, Suicide Prevention Lifeline, NAMI, Military OneSource, and VETS.

What’s Going On Inside Your Brain:

When you have been affected by mental illness; such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction or substance abuse you feel like you’re in a deep well and can’t muster up the strength to pull yourself out. Positivity, hope, and opportunity are posted on the walls, but you continue falling. Your mind shuts off and you often feel like you are watching yourself through another’s eyes., You are prescribed endless antidepressants, and many times other meds to chase the symptoms that the antidepressants cause. It feels like an endless cycle of BLAAAHHHH!. Fortunately, in the last decade, more research has been done between neuroscience and mental health (FINALLY!). Current research advocates for the ‘’use of personal neurobiological indicators to predict treatment response and increase the accuracy of selecting effective first-line treatments.’’ So basically what this means is you receive the best option for treatment the first time. This would revolutionize the future of community mental health.

How To Start Healing:

Traditional mental therapy primarily focuses on talk therapy and prescription meds. While this works wonders for some, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Mental Joe is a huge advocate of alternative treatments. These kinds of non-traditional therapies are slowly but surely finding their way into the hands of those struggling with mental health who feel like they've tried everything else without success. Co-owner, Chad, combined TRE (tension & trauma release exercises) and ketamine injections. In his own words, ‘’They have saved my life.’’ In future issues, we will dive deep into alternative methods currently being implemented and actively changing lives (Thank God for options!).

Apparel With A Purpose:

We are often judged for every micro-detail of our appearance (exasperated sigh), so why not make it purposeful? You are the driver of your own ship (Buckle up!). You are a catalyst for change and impact. ‘’Don’t believe…everything you think’’ turns the conversation inwards. Wearing these empowering statements serves as a reminder of our strength every time our minds start shifting into stinkin' thinkin.' And...every time you pass someone on the street, you'll be reminding them to step into their own healing. You can grab this shirt here!

Small Habits To Change Your Life:

Each day, we have an opportunity to develop new habits and life practices to improve our mental stability. Improving by 1% every day will transform your life and your mind (and in turn, your relationships). Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation can transform our minds, bodies, and thoughts (Namaste, yes sir). The first technique that you can put into practice is TRE. Taking 10 minutes every day to mindfully focus and implement TRE strategies will align your thoughts and actions to be able to take back your life. You can learn more about TRE here!

Our mission is to help you overcome the battle within and reclaim your life.

Join us every two weeks as we dive deep into educational resources, neuroscience, alternative treatments, apparel with a purpose, and life-changing practices (you know you’re excited about it!).

Cheers to breaking the chains and stepping into the goodness of life!

Chad & Cari

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