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We are organizing this event because we recognize the urgent need to address the alarming rates of suicide among veterans and Americans at large. With veterans tragically dying at a rate of 22-44 per day and an estimated 50,000-60,000 individuals losing their lives to suicide each year, it is imperative to explore innovative solutions such as psychedelic therapies to provide effective support and healing. By reforming and advancing psychedelic research, we aim to offer new avenues of hope and potentially save countless lives.



Our mission is to help reform legislation around psychedelic therapies, awareness and research, seeking to unravel their potential for transformative healing by promoting evidence-based practices and fostering a safe, accessible, and integrated approach to their implementation.

Our vision for walking 44 miles next year and organizing an annual event that decreases the distance marched, walked, or ran is to foster a united community dedicated to ending ALL suicides and bringing further focus on the Psychedelic Therapies.

March to

 Washington D.C.

October 17th -20th,2024

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