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The Mental Joe Mission

At Mental Joe, we sell more than shirts – we sell apparel with a purpose, helping the GI Joes to the Average Joe’s, one t-shirt at a time. When you wear Mental Joe apparel, you’re giving hope to those who thought all hope was lost.

With every purchase, we strive to support organizations that can provide services that help others get out of their head and into their bodies through non traditional mental health treatments like: plant medicines, ketamine, equine therapy, yoga, and TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises).


Americans experienced mental illness in 2019


Of adults in the U.S. with mental illness do not seek treatment because of the cost


Of people positively respond to psychedelic therapy

Mental Joe Fight Gear

Join the Mental Joe movement and equip yourself with gear that reflects your warrior spirit. Unleash your inner strength, both physically and mentally, and step into the cage with confidence.

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